A merger that redefines banking



Office: New York

Truist, the merger of SunTrust and BB&T banks, had ambitions to make financial services better – and to do it, they needed an identity that was trustworthy and visionary.

A new entity created from the merger of BB&T and SunTrust, Truist aims to stand out and create impact by leading with purpose and delivering an experience defined by a balance of personal touch and advanced technology.

The new Truist identity brings that vision to life through its key elements – color, logo, and wordmark. The signature color, Truist Purple, stands apart from category conventions while also nodding to the merger of equals by combining the burgundy of BB&T and the blue of SunTrust.

Truist logo animation
Truist branded glass doors

The powerful new logo is centered on a unique monogram made of two T’s, that echo the Truist name and represent touch and tech, the defining elements of their experience. The two T’s are enclosed in a square that conveys trust and security, with rounded corners that make it approachable and distinct.

The wordmark puts the Truist name front and center in custom letters created by a master typographer. The generous letter-spacing conveys access and openness, white the unique curved leg of the “R” moves the eye from left to right, evoking a sense of momentum toward the future.

Together, they add up to an identity that represents the balance of innovation and purpose at the heart of Truist – helping clients, teammates, and communities thrive, while redefining the future of the financial industry.

Truist wordmark and logo on internal wall

This striking visual expression is not what most would expect from a financial institution, and we’re proud of that.

Susan Somersille Johnson
CMO, Truist