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Transparency transforms the auto repair experience

A trip to the garage is almost never a good thing. Cars may leave in better working order, but customers often leave confused. Anji Autobund, a new chain of auto repair shops, wanted to change that.

To do it, we had to start by changing the way customers think today. We created the brand proposition, “Confidence through transparency,” to tap into their desire to have car trouble explained simply—and solved simply.

To express our brand proposition, we centered our work on the idea of “Informative Dialogue.” Putting the focus on clear, candid conversation led us to our expression. Four looped dialogue boxes form the bright and friendly orange logo and represent Autobund’s process, service, know-how, and product. The name, Autobund, speaks to trustworthy service; and in Chinese, the name, which reads as HaoTuBang, literally means “good helper on the road.” So Autobund was able to position and express itself as a true Good Samaritan, a reliable stop for auto repair services. Launching with 41 locations in cities across China, Autobund gave customers an option between premium 4s—the hybrid Chinese dealership/service locations—and private shops. Its vibrant expression stands out in the auto repair industry, and on the roadside. Anji Autobund’s confident brand identity and expression opened up the dialogue—and made a statement.

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