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Unconventional learning for Airbus Group Leadership University

More than a traditional corporate training center, we positioned Airbus Group Leadership University as an engine for growth: personal, professional, and industry-wide.

The Leadership University is conceived as a creative hub, where employees are encouraged to look beyond convention and spark ideas that drive change. With multiple global campuses, and accessible online, it’s a place where all leaders and aspiring leaders across the Group can connect to foster modern leadership and stronger emotional connections to the Airbus Group brand.

In order to establish a new and effective leadership style, Airbus Group needed to align its leaders around the core principles of the University. To learn about its relevance to both internal and external audiences, we held workshop sessions, conducted interviews with key stakeholders, and delved into additional research. Our deep dive into the company revealed relevant insights regarding the true purpose of the University.

The prevailing narrative was that the future can be improved by exploring possibilities beyond what’s been accepted and established. The aim of the Leadership University is to unite forward-thinking people and bring their energizing spirit to every solution, service, or division—thus evolving the entire business and industry.

We drove this message home by positioning the University beyond its core functionalities as a teaching platform. The new vision elevates the University as the engine driving the whole organization forward: generating disruptive ideas and allowing leaders to learn from one another and ideate as a community with a common connection to the brand. It nurtures learning, innovation, and creativity—the seeds of ongoing growth.

This vision was streamlined into a new proposition, and the strategy was translated into a provocative brand experience that breaks with the established visual conventions of Airbus Group. With this project, we’ve changed the way the University is perceived within the organization while creating a dynamic platform to support the Airbus Group’s future ambitions. Airbus Group Leadership University has become the place where the status quo will be changed, because people are empowered to change it.

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