The visual design for Valle dell’Acate infuses the spirit of Sicilian wines into the Bellifolli brand

Valle dell'Acate
An identity for the new wines from Valle dell’Acate, a vineyard that is emblematic of the Sicilian winemaking tradition, named among the world’s top twenty wine producers offering the best value by the New York Times.

High quality wines that have garnered international acclaim. A tradition of excellence spanning six generations. An experience bound closely to the land of Sicily and its millennia-old wine-growing culture. A talent for adapting to the times and appealing to increasingly discerning palates. These are the elements that make Valle dell’Acate a brand in which artisan know-how, history, and sophistication exist side-by-side with a forward-looking vision that has spurred the winery in its pursuit of sustainable growth, both in Italy and in international markets.

In line with this ethos, the company collaborated with Interbrand to develop the visual design for its Bellifolli collection. It consists of four varietals—Nero d’Avola, Syrah, Insolia, Grillo & Chardonnay—which interpret the tastes of younger audiences and millennials, reflecting the conviviality that is such an important element of contemporary society.

To represent Bellifolli’s strong and distinct identity, the visual design draws on the baroque culture for which the Ragusa valley is famous—and adds a new spin. The area’s baroque legacy is personified by each wine’s design through the faces of stone masks which look on in amusement at everyday life in Sicily. Four faces, four characters, four stories make up the character of this collection. The purple-tinged ruby color and dark fruit aromas of Syrah are captured by a jovial, carefree face, which regards each day with a wide smile. A vigorous, almost bestial, countenance tells the story of Nero D’Avola, with its intense, intriguing palate. Insolia’s citrus fruits, jasmine notes, and typical greenish-yellow hue inspired the reassuring, serene countenance. Lastly, the confident, sunny features chosen to characterize Grillo & Chardonnay reflect the smooth structure of this wine.

This stimulating brand identity is steeped in tradition, while incorporating contemporary style and lightness through the harmonious use of colors and contrast. The elegant typeface, inspired by Italian fonts designed Giambattista Bodoni, adds a finishing touch and is the distinct signature that underwrites this rich collection. This new look establishes the brand as a true icon of Italian conviviality, at international level.

Valle dell'Acate Bellifolli

A visual design conveys the spirit of Sicilian wines with a lighthearted and contemporary touch, to bring Valle dell’Acate to new audiences and new markets.
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