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Valle dell’Acate: the spirit of Sicilian wines becomes a brand

Valle dell'Acate
Narrate the excellence of the Acate Valley and the Sicilian wine tradition to an international audience through the power of branding and design.

High quality wines that have garnered international acclaim. A tradition of excellence spanning six generations. An experience bound closely to the land of Sicily and its millennia-old wine-growing culture. A talent for adapting to the times and appealing to increasingly discerning palates. These elements make Valle dell’Acate a brand in which artisan know-how, history and sophistication exist side-by-side, with a forward-looking vision that has spurred the winery in its pursuit of sustainable growth, both in Italy and in international markets.

Valle dell’Acate appointed Interbrand with the goal of pursuing sustainable growth in Italy and in foreign markets. The first step in this direction was to define a brand architecture and develop the identity of its new wines.

Our partnership started with Bellifolli, a wine family made up of four varietals: Nero d’Avola, Syrah, Insolia, Grillo & Chardonnay, which appeals to the tastes of younger audiences. 

To represent Bellifolli’s strong and distinct identity, the visual design draws on the baroque culture, personifying each wine in the faces of stone masks which look on in amusement at everyday life in Sicily. Four faces, four characters, four stories make up the character of this collection. The elegant typeface, inspired by Italian fonts designed by Giambattista Bodoni, adds a finishing touch and distinct signature that connects this rich collection. 

Following our work with Bellifolli, we launched the new identity for Iri da Iri Cerasuolo di Vittoria, a red blend between Frappato and Nero d’Avola. To launch the red Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico Cru Iri da Iri, a particularly suggestive verbal and visual language was created to represent a poetic and evocative expression of the concept of ensemble and union. Iri da Iri encapsulates all of that: this name is taken from a passage in Dante’s Paradise, where he describes how two circles are reflected in each other, creating a third circle of fire. 

The merging of the two circles (irises) which generate an elegant golden spark is reflecting on the new wine labels. They represent both the union of the two grape varieties that go into making Iri da Iri, as well as the meeting of two worlds, each with their own history. The graceful typography expresses the wine’s distinguishing characteristic and completes the brand architecture project that began with Bellifolli.

The winery is internationally acknowledged and named among the world’s top twenty wine producers by the New York Times. Branding and design are taking Valle dell’Acate towards new audiences and new markets, conveying the spirit of Sicilian wines.

Through branding and design, Valle dell’Acate has given substance to its vision, to conquer new audiences and markets.
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