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Hallmarks of the 2019 top growing brands

Ranging from financial services and tech, to automotive and alcohol, the Top Growing Brands are a diverse subset of the global economy that generates tremendous value not only through a strong product offering, but also a deep commitment to brand. These companies have continually built equity into their brands, treating them as assets worthy of investment. With a history of making Iconic Moves, these brands continue to reap the rewards of their category re-defining actions, which have transformed customer expectations.

This year’s top growing brands underwent a significant bump in brand value, each generating at least 18% year over year growth. Each brand, of course, has its own unique and exciting story to tell, one that points to the exciting new ways in which these businesses are realizing their brand potential. Across the Brand Strength dimensions, these brands have significantly outperformed their competitive set, scoring on average 8% higher than other brands. One dimension this year’s group of fastest movers excels in is relevance, a testament to their ability to stay at the forefront of rapidly changing customer expectations within their respective industries.

Their determination to identify the emerging needs of their customers ensured unparalleled growth and customer satisfaction, leading to impressive financial results. These brands represent insightful windows into what companies can do to leverage their brands to build their businesses, using them to shape culture, experiences, products, and services.

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