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Peace One Day: A Year Later

We are ending the year the way we started it—with a great deal of hope for our future! 

This year we partnered with Peace One Day to rebrand their organization and raise awareness of the International Day of Peace.  

The Peace One Day organization established this annual day of peace in 2001 with a UN-backed commitment for the first-ever day of global ceasefire and non-violence every September 21st. 

It all began when we mobilized our creative teams across 17 offices globally to participate in a campaign that would visualize what peace meant to them, and to activate through creative concepts. Through inspiring posters, videos and activations, we took them to city streets—from New York to London to Tokyo—to raise awareness and to inspire others. 

Peace One Day - Interbrand New York

Our team then worked alongside the non-profit to reinvent the universal symbol of peace. Interbrand developed a whole new brand and visual and verbal identity system to renew the organization’s commitment of peace to all, and to become an even more recognizable and actionable movement. 

“It is an incredible honor to be supported by Interbrand. Changing the logo after 20 years of success took some consideration, but what Interbrand has created supports Peace One Day in its mission to the core. As we enter a new phase in the organization’s 20th year, we wanted a brand identity that reflected that. Awareness means action and action saves lives. This logo will help do exactly that, raising awareness, and what it can help achieve is infinite,” said Jeremy Gilley, Founder, Peace One Day.

Peace One Day’s new brand was unveiled in the lead up to the 20-year celebration at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London. We were thrilled to join this inspirational and thought-provoking event to support the non-profit ́s mission and help spread the message of Peace One Day to the world. Celebrities and influential organizations joined us in the cause to spread the mission.

The new brand identity allowed Peace One Day to dramatically increase its awareness and engagement with people around the world. The new brand gained visibility with 19 million users worldwide on social media. During the day of the event, the hashtag #Peaceday represented 13% of the 139 million active users on Twitter that day. The website was visited by users across 116 countries, representing 60% of UN-recognised countries in the world. And the largest spike in press coverage came out as a result of the launch event, reaching 2 billion people globally.

Peace Day in 2019 occurred one day after the Global Climate Strike. The UN adopted the theme for this years’ Peace Day as climate action. The movement reached over a billion people, with millions involved in peaceful action. Peace One Day’s goal is to reach three billion people by 2025. 

Interbrand has always embraced the power of creativity as a force for social good. We are excited to continue on this journey and inspire change to help make the world a better place. We encourage everyone to make their contribution in the world, peace by peace, and we wish you all a peaceful new year.

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