A vibrant expression of Digital Life in India

India is the country with the most people connected to the internet, just behind China. However, nearly 70% of its citizens still do not have access to the internet. Reliance—India’s largest private company—built over the last couple of years the world’s largest 4G network to bring connection into even the most remote areas of India and pay tribute to Prime Minister Modi’s vision of a “Digital India”.

Following Mukesh Ambani’s invitation, Caroline Seifert was appointed as the very first Chief Brand and Design Officer at Jio. She brought together the right hearts and minds to create a brand that could resonate with the country and its citizens. Multiple experts worked closely together, honored to create an ambitious brand that has to work across literally millions of touch points, a diverse country with 1.3 billion people and every area reflected in a Digital Life. Interbrand was part of this team and helped to make Jio’s visual identity, from a basic design system to visual developments.

Based on Jio’s strategy to create a flexible brand that ensures a Digital Lifestyle in all areas, the teams worked together to create a new category. “One that isn’t a telecommunications company any longer. The brand’s colorful expression and experience captures India’s vivacious energy and potential” Said Interbrand’s Creative Director Andreas Rotzler. Considering future growth scenarios, all aspects of the brand has been laid out in a robust yet flexible manner, allowing the brand to expand into new product and market areas.

Jio debuted its commercial launch to a rapturous reception. “It’s amazing to see enormous lines of excited customers forming outside stores all over India, to see people flooding social media with selfies of the colorful Jio SIM cards and stickers.” Points out Christoph Meyer-Roscher, part of the on-site team in Mumbai. The MyJio app suite rose to the top of the iTunes and GooglePlay charts, beating out usual suspects like WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Since the launch, Jio’s customer base has grown to over 100,000,000 people. Jio has become an embodiment of the power of human connection and ultimately, Mukesh Ambani created a driver of change for a whole nation.

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